We Buy Felling Areas

  • Preparation of felling areas

    We perform the preparation of high-quality felling areas Actions like cutting rides in the felling areas, drawing sketches, measurement of length and mid-diameter in the felling areas, forest inventory, settling property border issues are included in the cycle of felling area preparation.

  • Appraisal of felling areas

    Experienced professionals shall perform the appraisal of felling areas, which includes – measurement of length and mid-diameter, cutting rides, determining of the felling type of the felling area. To precisely determine the value of the felling area and offer you the best price, we consider the following factors – market value of round timber, forest harvesting costs, quality of the access roads, distances to reloading sites, distances to sales prices of timber.

  • The best price for your felling area

    After the review of the offer, we will name the best price for your felling area. You can compare prices offered by us with the offers of our competitors, thus, you will gain confidence that our prices are the best!

If you or any of your family members own forest, you shall definitely need to consult our professionals to learn what the best price that you can receive for your forest property is. We guarantee a quick review of applications, as well as immediate payment at the moment of conclusion of the contract. Apply for a consultation here or call any of our professionals on the phone – +371 20209888.