Forest Management

  • Forest Inventory

    Our experienced and certified specialists will perform a high-quality inventory of your forest within the shortest notice. In addition, we will restore the borders of the property and restore border posts.

  • Apply for a Consultation

    Apply for a consultation with any of our forestry specialists today and our professional specialist will help in appraising your forest. Our employees have more than 20 years of experience in the area of forestry and successfully share their experience with young specialists.

  • Forest Harvesting

    We offer a full cycle of forest management: restoration of forest by planting new trees in felled areas or other areas, care for young stands (this work is performed in young stands and felled areas that have been planted, sown or naturally restored), felling area harvesting, as well as other forestry and forest management related works.

If you or any of your family members own forest, you shall definitely need to consult our professionals to learn what the best price that you can receive for your forest property is. We guarantee a quick review of applications, as well as immediate payment at the moment of conclusion of the contract. Apply for a consultation here or call any of our professionals on the phone – +371 20209888.